Small but perfectly performed

August 24, 2015

The North York Moors Chamber Music Festival is an annual two-week concert tour of beautiful old churches in Yorkshire.  It’s now in its seventh season.

As so often with tours, whether of the chamber or rock variety, the challenge is how to offer the best experience to the audience and performers when you are having to pack up the whole shebang every day or two, drive it some distance and then set it all up again, often in a different configuration. A proper stage improves the sightlines, acoustics and professionalism of the presentation. So if it can be done it’s a great benefit.

NYMCMF stalwart Chris Mason identified his two main challenges: storage and versatility. We suggested Studiodeck as the system most suited to their needs and together we worked up a truly efficient package.

Studiodeck is a system designed to be handled by one person and yet to perform like a much heavier system. One of its primary features is its compact storage. Chris knew exactly how much space he had in his trailer so we made three trolleys for the staging which fitted perfectly into the space available.


During the NYMCMF not only is the venue different every night but so is the musical programme. This meant Chris had to re-think the stage layout on a daily basis. So Studiodeck’s versatility and ease of set-up were key.

As Chris reported after the first use “the performers & artistic director loved them and even first time we got it assembled in 20 mins”.

NYMCMF at St Nicholas, Guisborough (1)

If you’re thinking about a stage for your venue or group please contact us – we’re always happy to talk it through with you.