Seating tiers at the Royal Opera House

January 8, 2019

Audience seating tiers manufactured by Stage Solutions.

The Royal Opera House’s Clore Studio is a key space for rehearsals and for performances by visiting companies.

The ROH’s impressive Open Up project created new foyers, a new theatre and gave the Clore a smart re-vamp.  As part of that process, Stage Solutions designed and built a new seating tier structure.

Version 2

We built the tiers wall-to-wall, laid the carpets, fitted the nosings and attached the row letters.  We then fixed the seats (by Hussey Seatway) on top.60f1e8fe-17df-4bce-8b44-39c0574a9070


The front row of seats is removable, to offer even more floor space to the performers, but there are other special features too.  A central section of the tiers can be removed to create a space for a boom camera, which is often used when filming performances or rehearsals.  There is also a removable extra deck in the rear corner which creates a flat area for the control desk.

Clore Pair

The job was carried out on time and budget.

“You were a pleasure to work with throughout the design and installation process” said Belinda Cameron, Open Up Programme Manager (Performance).