10 years ago…The Riccallish Allsorts

August 25, 2015

The superbly-named Riccallish Allsorts are a community theatre group from Riccall in Yorkshire.

Back in 2005 they had received a grant for equipment and decided on a new modular stage to replace their ageing chipboard one in time for the Christmas pantomime.  Ken Davison contacted us looking for a stage that was easy to set up, professional in appearance and represented great value.

Metrodeck was the perfect system: easy assembly, professional performance, great value and compact to store.

RA 1

The stage we provided was used in conjunction with a truss structure and drapes to create a self-sufficient proscenium-arch stage, which worked perfectly in the local school hall. It has also been versatile enough for the group to use in different layouts and different venues.

Davidson was very happy with the new staging: “We’d previously built a stage ourselves from chipboard, which took at least two hours to assemble and check it was safe. It creaked, it groaned, and safety was always a concern. Our new Metrodeck stage went together in 30 minutes flat – leaving us a lot more time for getting the rest of the production together. Everyone could help put it together, and it was really solid during the performance – no-one noticed any ‘floor noise’ – which is exactly what we wanted!”

RA 2

Practical, professional, affordable.