Orchestra Pit /Infills & Stage Extensions

Stage Solutions has years of experience in providing orchestra pit,infills and stage extensions to theatre’s, schools,universities and other venues. Every project is surveyed,designed and drawn,to ensure a smooth interface between the building,the needs and the staff.We never forget that every job is different and our list of clients shows testament to this. Our substructures can be made to virtually any size or shape, including faceted or curved. It can support seats or even scissor lifts.

Orchestra Pit

Demountable orchestra fill structures often require the most space-efficient options. This is not just under the structure but storing it when the pit is in use. send us your requirement and we will put together a package for your needs.The Mercury Theatre in Colchester where we worked along side the construction company and client.We replaced the theatre’s old wooden orchestra cover which was heavy and cumbersome.We installed a new I beam system to support the decks on the stage front. Nine  bespoke Steeldeck 7.5 were used as the cover these were designed with panel locks to interconnect the decks.We also designed and manufactured removable fascias for ease of access.


Infill can be one of the most demanding structures with obstacles in the way and large spans that need to achieve safe work loads. A good example of this is Lytchett Minster school which we actually built twice due to a fire at the school. After lengthy discussions, we made some improvements to the structure which reflect the way in which the school likes to use the facility.  Throughout the process we offered full support to the contractor and school, who were closely involved throughout.We ended up making bespoke powder-coated aluminium truss frames with solid hardwood tops and wheels on three faces. These enable the deck to glide into position along a laser-levelled track and to form an aesthetically integrated and easily managed orchestra pit cover.We provided bespoke drop-in ramps to simplify the process of getting the decks into and out of the pit.  We also made special trolleys for wheeling the decks away safely and easily when not in use.As you can see from this case study we will work with you to supply the solution.

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Stage Extensions

Stage extensions come in all shapes and sizes and don’t worry about the height of your stage we will match up to it perfectly.From a simple straight extension to making up bespoke sections to incorporate curves or angles.We have the experience to help . Why not request a site visit for us to go over your options.


what ever the finish you require we have the solutions from blending in to making a feature of the area.

• Air vents, cable hatches and traps to meet the specification
• Balustrades either standard or bespoke
• Access steps or ramps
• Equalities Act (2010) compliant ramps can be constructed
• Infills can be built over existing structures or uneven floor
• I-beam supports may be used on deeper pits

• Plywood can be supplied FP to Class 0
• Surface can be prepared for a wide variety of

We never forget that every job is different, so send us your brief now, or call us for a chat on 01634 831719