Seating & Tiers

Seating & Tiers Stage Solutions has years of experience in both manufacturing and installation of both Seats and Seating tiers.


Permanent /Fixed Seat Tiers:

Stage Solutions provides a range of seating options and  fixed/permanent seating tiers for your Theatre ,Cinema,Cathedrals or Lecture halls.

Stage Solutions have worked closely with both architects and construction companies on too many projects to mention, for examples go to our gallery to see some of the projects we have been involved with.

With our design team and in house manufacturing we can come up with the solution whatever your brief.

To Modular Tiers using one of our staging systems making multi use spaces come to life. All our systems Steeldeck 7.5, Metrodeck and even our Studiodeck system can be used for smaller tiers.We have provided these modular systems to Schools,Universities/Colleges,Villages Halls,Multi-use spaces and Studios have benefited from our systems.

Download a sheet with all the details Here


TierShift is Stage Solutions mobile retractable seating tiers designed for multi-use spaces. Quick and easy to use TierShift fills the gap between tiering built from Modular Staging and costly retractable seating.

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Stage Solutions sell seats for a wide range of different performance environments.
Some of them we make ourselves.  Others we source elsewhere.
Because of this, Stage Solutions can offer you a seat to suit your venue and your budget.

Aspect Bench Seating:
Our own bench seating system.  Fixed and tip-up seats offer comfort and economy.
Clients include the National Theatre and Park Theatre.

A range of models at a range of prices.  Folding chairs offer comfort, durability and compact storage.
Clients include the Actors Centre and the Pyramid Arts Centre, Warrington.

To complement fixed auditorium seats already in situ, or to create an atmosphere that is less village hall and more Royal Albert Hall.
Clients include The Forum, Kentish Town and South Cheshire College.

Stage Solutions have designed customized seats and benches for a wide range of clients from the RAF and primary schools to touring opera companies.

Download a sheet with all the details Here.